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About Locals Maroubra

Your Third Space

Locals Jiu-Jitsu, has been an evolution of the training and cultural aspects of Jiu-jitsu in Australia. Our head coach has had the privilige and honour of training with the best Jiu-jitsu practitioner's in Australia. This eclectic group of influences culminates in the unique experience in this amazing space located in the heart of Maroubra Junction.:

  1. Instructors and Lineage: Maroubra Jiu-Jitsu has instructors with unique backgrounds, extensive experience, and notable lineages in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Our lineage and teaching approach of the instructors greatly influence our school's unique character.

  2. Training Philosophy: Our school always employees the most progressive coaches. We obviously honour the history and legacy of the previous generations but we see the future of Jiu-jitsu as a progressive and every evolving art form. Competition within the gym and in the competition arena are fundamental aspects of Jiujitsu that we feel helps evolve the sport further.

  3. Community and Culture: Our school's culture and camaraderie among students, and the atmosphere of the academy is one of the most important facets of what sets Locals Maroubra apart from other schools. We have the perfect mix of a family friendly environment with a competitive spirit.

  4. Techniques and Curriculum: Locals Jiu-Jitsu's approach to teaching focuses on Gi, No-GI (ADCC Rules) and Wrestling. This combination of Martial arts is proven to produce the best results in domestic and international competitions. Our principle belief is that we employ the best coaches that teach the latest techniques.

  5. Community Involvement: The school might be involved in the local community through outreach programs, charity events, or partnerships with local businesses, which can make it unique in terms of its social impact.

  6. Facility and Equipment: The academy's facilities, and merchandise is second to none. Fantastic facilities with amazing merch!

  7. Competition Success: In our short life we have had international success in some of the largest tournaments in the world.

  8. Philosophy and Values: We teach the latest techniques, with the best coaches, with the best out-fits in an environment of supported competition.

To truly understand what makes Locals Maroubra Jiu-Jitsu unique, it's important to visit the school, speak with instructors and students, and experience firsthand the training methods and culture that set it apart from other BJJ academies. Book a trial today!!!!

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