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January 2017 Newsletter – Happy New Year Team!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Thank you for all your support during 2016. We are very happy with Team SJJA’s results in last year competition. Winning 1st Place in the KIDS Division and also achieving 2nd Place in the ADULTS Division this was an amazing achievement for our team.

We are very happy with the performance and support from all our students who showed a lot of heart in the last tournament. We are very excited to see what our team can achieve this year.

Let’s start 2017 off with a good start and train towards this months competition, Events BJJ Initiator Cup, on Sunday 29th January held at Ryde Aquatic & Leisure Centre.

First Competition of 2017

After becoming an AFBJJ Member (see below), you’ll be provided with a user/password which you’ll need to sign up for the competition. If you are an existing member please make sure to edit your AFBJJ profile before registering to represent our club SYDNEY JIU JITSU ACADEMY, as we no longer can represent Gracie Barra.

Note: Parents please make sure to enter your child for the Gi event and select the correct weight category by weighing your child with their Gi (uniform) on as this is the weight they will fight as on the competition day and will need to be on or under this weight category.

If need any further assistance we’re here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact SJJA staff or come visit us at reception and we can further assist with registration.

How to Sign Up for Competition?

If you have already registered your child as a member of AFBJJ please skip this step and move to the January Competition Information and link.

If you would like to register yourself or your child for competition this months competition. You must first register with the AFBJJ (Australian Federation of Jiu Jitsu) they are the ruling body for competition across Australia.

After signup they will provide you with a username and password which you’ll need to register for each individual monthly competition. I have provided the links and a brief step by step below. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact SJJA staff.

Before registering for the competition event on 29th January 2017, it is compulsory for you to first become an AFBJJ Member. 1 Year – $19.50, 2 Year- $34.50, 3 Year- $47.00 options.

Step 1: Click on the above Register with AFBJJ button, to open the link below. Step 2: Complete the Membership Form. Step 3: Upload a passport regulation self portrait. (Max. image size 512KB) Step 4: Print the completed form off. Step 5: Bring it along to next class for Head Instructor Bruno’s signature. Step 6: Then scan and email back to

Tip: You must use a separate email address for each membership. An automated email containing user I.D. and password will be sent directly to the email given (allowing last minute registration at competition).

We’re Here To Help

“We care about your development, we believe that Jiu Jitsu can help everyone achieve their full potential in all areas of life.” Thanks for believing in our school’s teachings we appreciated all your support.

Best Regards,

Bruno Alves & SJJA Staff

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