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Kids Grading – Saturday 5th June 2021

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Information regarding the SJJA Maroubra Grading:

Congratulations if your child is on the list for the upcoming grading;

Their hard work and consistent training has earnt them a promotion and a new belt!

Coaches have selected students based on a variety of factors including:

  1. Attendance at the Academy.

  2. Conductibility on and off the mats.

  3. Technical ability and knowledge of techniques.

  4. Skill level when sparring and variety of opponents.

  5. Time spent training Jiu-Jitsu.

Coaches put a lot of consideration in accordance with IBJJF guidelines to decide whether or not someone is eligible to grade to their next belt.

The Grading will take place on Saturday the 5th of June at 10am.

We would also like to invite you for a Sausage Sizzle after Grading at the Academy. 

If your child is on the grading list and he/she is able to attend, the amount of $35 will be directly debited from your account on grading day.

Squids and Tin Lids Classes will run per usual on Saturday. 

Adult class at 10AM is cancelled.

If you want more information and to help you better understand the grading system, please click here.

Any further enquiries please contact us. 

Kind Regards,

SJJA Maroubra Team 

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